er the world to lear▓n from each other.Marathon and distance races have seen a tremendous g

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rowth in recent years. Currently the Marathon movement ▓worldwide has more than 15 million runners, according to AIMS official data.In recent years, Marathon races have▓ gained rapid development in China, C▓hinese delegates noted."The Marathon has become a great medium for communica▓tion between the two countries. So, this fo▓rum not only witnesses the exchange of ideas between China and Greece on▓ marathon sports, but also the exchange of ideas in sports and culture between the two ancien▓t civilizations," Shui Tao, vice secretar▓y of CAA said, addressing Friday's event."The development and popularization of the marathon movement promoted the exchange and cooperation between cities, as well as the

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marathon industry," Sun Jianyou, vice▓ mayor of Nanjing municipal government added.In 2016 Nanjing and Mar▓athon became sister cities. On Friday, Sun, as well as Shui, were awarded the title "Ambassador of Marathon to the World" by Psinakis, whi▓le Sun presented

an impressive sculpture donated to the City of Marathon by Nanjing.The sculpture will be placed at the starting poin

hip connec

ting the two countri

t of▓ the original marathon course in No▓vember this year."For the Greek p

eople the Marathon run is a bridge which connects the legend and the history,▓ a fountain of principles and values," SEGAS Presi▓dent Konstantinos Panagopoulos told the forum, inviting all runners to participate in the Athens Marathon and become part of the history.▓AIMS President Paco Borao did it in 2014, ▓aged 68. It was the first time he run a▓ marathon in his life, he told delegates. As t▓he home of world running has become his second home, on Friday he invited more Chinese to

es and peoples and in th

follow▓ the footsteps of Pheidippides.▓"I will be very glad to have as ma▓ny C

hinese to come here, because this will be very good for all worldwide runners," he said.The legend, which inspired the modern Marathon races acro▓ss the world, states that Athenian soldier Pheidip▓pides was sent from the battle▓field of Marathon to Athens to ann▓ounce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.After running the distan▓ce nonstop and delivering the great news to A▓thenians, he collapsed and died, but h

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ext of the Belt and R

is fe▓at still inspires millions of runners ac▓ross the world to keep pushing

thei▓r limits.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNew princ▓e of Saudi Arabia courts HollywoodNew p▓rince of Saudi Arabia courts HollywoodNew prince of Saudi Arabia courts Hollywood04-23-▓2018 09:21 BJTAs part of economic developmen▓t program, Saudi Arabia's newly-ins▓talled Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched a major entertainment industry initiative that has Hollywood rolling out the red carpet for him.A 35-year b

oad Initiative, h

an on movies in▓ the prince's country was feted at an April 18 gala opening i

n Riyadh of Marvel's megahi▓t "Black Panther."Popular Saudi film producer, Al Turki ("99 Homes" , "Arbitrage" ), who attended the historic Black Panther screening in capital of the country, thought the film▓'s choice was apropos, since,"' Bl▓ack Panther' follows a prince who wants the ▓best for his kingdom - that is something a lot of people here could relate to▓."The lifting of the ban has Holl▓ywood studios and entertainment companies lin▓ing up

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to nab a piece of an emerging new territory that experts predict could soon be a billion dollar market, compri▓sed primarily of audiences under 30 years▓ of age."The younger generation is very▓ sophisticated and they are de▓manding more entertainment options," explained Saudi's General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) Chairman Ahmed Al Khateeb, "You will never find a better market than Saudi Arabia.""

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istorical proc

ess of peace, cooperation, and dev

el Air mansion earl▓y this month, where the P

f mankind," Zou said

  • rince dined with s▓uch industry heavy-hitters as WB' s Kevin Tsujihar▓a, Walt Disney's Bob Iger, Fox's Stacey Snider, Universal's Jeff Shell, an▓d A-listers, Dwayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, and James Cameron.He also met▓ with Microsoft's Bill Gates, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and media mogul Oprah Winfrey▓.And it's not just social chit-chat. Big-ticket▓ deals are in play. The Prince has

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  • reportedly set aside hundreds of millions to jump-start Saudi's nascent entertainm▓ent industry and promised up to an additional 64 billion U.S. dollars more for future developments over the next decade to construct cinemas, water parks, themed attractions, and filmed content."This is a great op▓portunity for you to come to Saud

    ng a welco

me speech."I b

i A▓rabia and invest in the infrastructure," sai▓d GEA Chairman Al Khateeb.Prominent▓ Hollywood producer, Hunt Lowry, who previously brokered a billion dollar film and them▓e park deal between Warner Brothers and Abu Dhabi, told Xinhua Friday, "They're ser▓ious about putting their money where their mouth is. And the scale of investment

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